Choices, Changes And Chances!

Choices, Chances And Changes!

It finally kicked the fuck in, shit isn’t so bad anymore, I am even starting to have some fun and realizing if I would just fix me what I could have is so much more that what the old me thought I could have. Trapped in what if and what could be, trapped by myself and listening to people tell me I wasn’t good enough, when the whole time I was better. This is how it ends, my choices fucked me in the ass, but there is still a chance to change. I am not going to bed tonight worried if ISIS will come storming into my village and rape the woman and murder us. I guess I am sleeping in a Jetta, so I am not really going to bed, but I got a chance so fuck you if you think I can’t and that is the attitude that you should have to, you have a chance to as long as you are breathing. A chance to put down the pipe, a chance to put down the bottle, hell a chance at it all why not, you got the guts? You have had a chance the whole time, you ever reach that fucking point man? That point where you didn’t even have to try to you had it, so fucking mad at yourself for wasting it and ever doubting yourself, I know he isn’t a fucking genius, but I keep going back to Shaq and “if you ever doubt it, it will never happen.” I have lost my fucking mind, I have lost the doubt, I have lost the reasons why I can’t and I have lost a lot of the weight that I have been carrying around, because I realize that we all make bad choices, it is we decide to change and what we do with the chances after that, that is all that matters!


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