Coulda, Woulda, Fuck Shoulda, I’m gonna!

Tired of seeing it and not having it. Tired of talking about what I coulda done and how it shoulda turned out. This time it’s gonna turn out how I say it turns out. This time I decide how it goes down and I’m not going down with it. To many people just getting by, I made a promise to myself, no more of this nickel and dime shit. It’s time to go for the jugular, it’s time to piss some people off and start making shit uncomfortable! Fuck it, why not? I only get one chance at this shit and as the days start passing I realize this is the moment. This is the time to make it all happen and pull it off! Because there just isn’t anytime for anything else anymore. No drinking and hanging out with boys, not getting high and chasing ho’s! Giving up things that just aren’t important right now the beer and friends and shit that never will be high and hos, is the only way. What are you willing to give up for it? How bad do you want to put the woulda, coulda and shouldas to bed? Do you want it more than it wants to end you???


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