Just One Of Those Days Man!

When you’re sitting in a bar in Michigan, rooting for the Seahawks, as if my life wasn’t bad enough, hosed by the refs and eating it from everyone in the bar in my Earl Thomas jersey, life can change in a hurry. Oh how the mighty have supposedly fallen and when you get to the top of that mountain, sometimes you forget all the hard work it took to get there. One of the worst things you can do in this life is start letting stuff slide. It’s biting my finger nails and its cussing! It’s showing up half the time, it’s thinking that it’s going to be easier the second time and you just have to show up and it’s going to happen! That’s like betting your life on winning the lottery! Hate to throw my boys under the bus, but that screw you we are going to run right thru you attitude of last year has turned to infighting and looking at the next guy wondering why he didn’t do it! Be careful, check your thoughts, because your thoughts become those actions I believe someone said! And when your inaction is your choice, actions that you aren’t going to like I promise you will be taken against you!  Yeah it’s one of those days and when Sherm is on your team you are going to have to take those shots but here is the point to the whole post! Don’t leave your life in the refs hands! Go into St. Louis and impose your will against a team you are better than, don’t leave it on someone else’s hands! Yeah, just one of those days man! And remember my team one the Super Bowl last year and their stumbling now! That goes both ways you know. It may suck for you now, it sure does for me, but remember just how quickly things can change!


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