Sometimes Things Happen That Change A Mans Perspective!

That make you realize what it is all about! Trying, going back and showing them you want to better and your actually going to try! Being an adult for once in your life and realizing it was only done to you for one reason, you didn’t do the work to hold on to it, you wanted to make excuses! Don’t do it, if there is one thing I can teach you about life, once you start making excuses, it only gets easier! It’s like that whole thing about quitting and once you do it, it only gets easier! I gotta admit that I did it to myself if I am honest, I like being bad. I like pushing the envelope and live on the edge, you do what works for you and I’ll keep doing what hasn’t worked for me! It wasn’t my fault, it was a car wreck and the A.D.D. It’s not the kids fault it’s the gun and let’s keeo digging up old dirt and making excuses instead of dealing with the real problem! Yeah I’ll play the bad guy, in this world we created, I a thirty-seven year old white man wouldn’t have gotten shot with my hands in the air! Dont like it, this is what fear has gotten you and yeah I apologize to the family but somebody has to play the bad guy! The NFL can’t stop beating woman and kids and these fuckers are people you are telling your kids to look up too! You’re right Ray Rice, your kids will Google you and see what you did to their mom you piece of shit! My bad, it’s not like some group is learning to fly planes and taking over the Middle East, they think its okay to keep woman as sex slaves too, yeah pretty sure no religion says shit about that you fuckheads and if it does vaguely say something somewhere everybody else who follows your religion has denounced that! My bad mother fuckers, did the bad guy hit a fucking nerve? About fucking time, because I have been driving all over this country and I don’t think we are fucking getting it! Bare with me, I’m talking a lot of shit, but I am about to back it up! It isn’t what are we going to do about it I hear, it isn’t talk of the stock market crashing or possible war in certain places! It’s fucking can you believe Blake chose her and I can’t believe he gave that bitch a rose and some shit about hillbillies and Duck calls, yeah since I’m being the bad guy, that act fades Larry The Cable guy and ya’ll end up on jetskis slinging heartburn medication! Wow I think I had a point when I started, oh yeah don’t make excuses!


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