All The Voices In My Mind Are Telling Me I’m Out Of Time!

It’s what they’re suppoosed to do when you get to this point at thirty seven. You remember those people you resented because you thought they were picking on you and in reality they knew what you were capable of and were pushing you! If you would only for once in your fucking life realize what you are capable of and what you could accomplish! What is inside you I promise is greater than anything that is against you, but it won’t come free Bruce Almighty, quit looking up. You can ask for it and you can pray for it and all the pieces will be put in front of you, but only you can put the pieces of your life back together. Trying to find that in someone else will destroy you and bring then down with you. Never stop learning, never stop trying to learn new things about yourself, never stop living! That voice wasn’t out there to bring me down, it is simply reminding me I am running out of time and this very we’ll be my last chance to get it right. See it as a sign, it may hurt but it may be the best thing in the world for you! To all of those I hurt and let down, this time I promise to beat the voices in my mind, this time I promise to be better!


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