Why Would You Want To Go Before Your Time?

It was a question posed to me by a gentleman of the name of Jay!  Why would you go through life pulling off all of this bullshit thumbing your nose at it when the only thing we know for sure is tomorrow’s never promised? Why would you do apt of things I guess, the cigarettes, the booze and that is the least of it for sure. I have less of a clue the farther along I go on this journey about how it is going to go down, but I know I have a say in it this time! I don’t know what that say is, I feel like I am on the edge and I could just face away and it wouldn’t matter. This time I have tools it matter, I have to wake up tomorrow and want it like I never have. Why do it if you aren’t going to go all in? Most importantly what not grow up and not go before your time! Tomorrow I promise I will do better these last couple suck!




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