When The Fat Girl Blocks Your View!

No, come on man today has gone bad enough not this too! I almost felt as though God was in front of me saying it, yes this to Coby! I broke my phone, my laptop won’t let me pull up WordPress anymore, my outlet to not lose my mind. I am about out of money, I am cold as fuck however cold that is. I am pretty sure I dislocated a knuckle, hurts like a bitch, so sure fat girl slide right over and block my view of the ten laying down and doing leg curls! I just told you everything that is wrong with our world, we don’t see the people, we judge. And lie to yourself all you want, this fat guy at 245 pounds compared to the guy I am today, what a joke! I couldn’t even get a woman to acknowledge I was alive and now! Before I hit the road, I had 4 of them chasing me down! All of them smile now, but I smile at Mike the guy I met in the wheelchair. I smile at Ryan who has a brain injury and keeps showing up anyways! I am ill at the fat girl because I been there and the first and only step that matters is trying. Most of all I smile because it didn’t end me and it ain’t over, I got a whole hell of a lot of fight left!


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