When I Was Down, I Hung Around, And Came Out The Other Side!

It seemed so dark, it seemed like there was no hope at all, that my back was against the wall and the wall was one hundred feet fucking tall, I had been seeing a lot of that lately, but little reminders are put there to make us remember, don’t miss the little things. I was down, but I hung around and while it aint perfect, as I start to come out the other side, it is better than it ever has been with potential to get better. potential because this time whatever roadblock comes up, I am going to run right the fuck through. I saw the guy at the L.A. Fitness I stopped at to shower and brush my teeth at, little moments and perspective show us so much. What a bunch of fucks at L.A. Fitness for sure, you assholes aren’t any better, but while there are a lot of good ones I know back home in Lacey, that are a lot of assholes at L,A. But this wasnt okay, these were adults, and I been down and I hung around and  came out the other side better he gets a chance to, too and these fuckers were trying to bury him. I have gotten in the best shape of my life and the muscles are popping and blah, People jump to help me with a spot, but the guy in Wisconsin tonight, he was different. He was off, while he could speak English and was coherent for sure you could tell there were only 50 cards up there. So when he asked for help what did these cheese ball muscle head mother fuckers who I can’t stand do? They laughed at him and gave him crap and I watched him unrack the weight and when he was about to walk out I walked over and said I will help you. The smirk came over from the other guys, because I don’t look like much at 5’11 185 pounds, you might think I am gumby until the sweatshirt comes off and the arms come out. All three of the asshole’s who wouldn’t help him, just kind of looked in awe at my arms and why I would waste my time helping this guy. At some point they got it, they came over and asked me about some arm workouts and I told them, what good would it do to act like them, that is the problem with this fucking world, well Tommy did it so it is okay if I do it and ITS NOT FUCKING OKAY PEOPLE! Just because someone gets away with it doesn’t make it okay, hell it probably makes it more wrong than anything else. But in the end, I hung around the gym tonight long enough to see this guy coming out the other side and the muscle heads buying him a shake at the shake bar. None of them saw me on the way out, I didn’t need that and I didn’t do it for a pat on the back or them to shake my hand, I did it because I aint dead and I can still do something to make this world a better place and for fuck sake it is what you should do, Maybe with all  that is going on in the world, the only way to come out the other side and not stay down, is do something about it while we still can!


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