Don’t Ever Let Them See You Not Smiling.

“Are you okay? I thought about calling your best friend, you look horrible.” Gee thanks, I lost 40 pounds and am in the best shape of my life. “But no seriously I see you driving that car that looks like its falling apart around town and you look horrible.” My bad, mommy and daddy didnt hand me everything and if I had the money to fix it I would and thanks again for telling me how bad I look. “Well I am making 181,000 dollars this year and I just bought a new Tahoe and I drink Bourbon now, really good, really expensive bourbon!” Well good for you, some of us over here aren’t doing as well. Yeah that right there followed by a text, “I deserve to feel good, you wont hurt me again and I  respectfully decline our dinner plans,” so she could go fuck some guy whose mommy had a boat! The tide has fucking turned, I aint bitter or angry about any of it anymore, I have finally beat myself and given that up, I have finally let it go and it is the best feeling in the world. Those that fucked ya, those ones running their mouths taking shots and telling you that you can’t, don’t ever let them see you down no matter what you  have to do or are going through. I don’t care if you are going through hell and being ripped apart limb from limb right now, always let them see that smile, it kills them, That shit about killing them with kindness, yeah that shit is true, it drives them nuts. The ones who expect you to react expect you to act like them and give them justification, when you don’t, you beat them and they know it and there isn’t a damn thing that they can do about it. Like him or not, I am afraid Mr. Brooks is right people giving a damn and caring about people is what fixes this all, it is the enemy of everything that is evil and is against us. When we do good, when we walk through hell with that smile on our face the devil doesn’t know what to do, he doesn’t understand it and he like everybody else fears what he doesn’t understand we as people, and WE THE PEOPLE still have the power. One can make a difference, one can smile through all the bullshit he has done and one can take his dream off the back seat of the car he is sleeping in tonight and put it in motion, why not? One shot in this life Eminem, one opportunity and I plan to seize everything I ever wanted and help a lot of people along the way!


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