Brace Yourself, We Are Flying Into The Eye Of The Hurricane!

The ISIS of the hurricane, the Ebola of the hurricane, my life it would seem has become a fucking hurricane man. Getting rid of all the distractions help, but it just focuses you more on the eye of the hurricane you are flying into. It just shows you all the shit you let slide while you were busy getting high and fucking off your life and the mountain you must now climb. Are you going to brace yourself for what is coming? Or are you going to embrace it for once and ride that bitch for all that it is worth? It hasn’t gone this well in a long time and maybe I am sleeping in my car, but at least I am going somewhere, I may have had a roof over my head in Olympia, but I had no shot at a life. But what comes along with it going this well, is the feeling inside of me that I know to be true. Something is going to go down just like it has every other time to fuck it up and this time just like every other time I will have a choice to make. I can waste months or years letting it eat me up and destroy me, or I can for once in my fucking life pick myself up off the floor and see it for what it is, beatable! Everything in this life is beatable, I beat death with a fifteen percent chance of living from a car wreck, people beat ugly things like cancer all the time and I don’t know why God chooses who he does to lose those battles, but you have to believe it is beatable. What is the point of living if you think you can’t beat it and you are defeated already? Yeah I used to think a lot of things about myself, I was the first one to give myself limitations, but when I flew into the eye of the hurricane and survived that bitch. I realized I was capable of a lot more than I thought I was, I realized just about everything that I thought was wrong. And I’m okay with that, because a lot of the poor me I cant do it excuse after excuse bullshit was wrong and now the most important thing! I been wrong for a long fucking time, and now I get a chance to be right!


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