Tryin To Be The Hero, Doesn’t Alwways Work Out! But We Did Start The Fire!

Captain save a ho as my friend likes to call it, I think it is from a movie or some shit. Fuck man, I cuss way to much, and that is something I CAN do something about! It is so bad, half the time I don’t even realize I am saying it and just use it in normal conversation and I know for sure I sound like a complete Jack off! Like when Peyton Manning tries to pronounce complete sentences without drooling, man Eli and him are hard to look at. But then again my bank account is, so touche Manning brothers, looks you will never have, but you seem like good enough guys. Still not sure about Cryli, I don’t like his  bitch draft move, but it is what it is, I am sure there are more than a few people who aren’t a fan of my moves. Man why do I pick on the Manning brother’s so much? I mean because it is easy, but do you  think that bully Russell Wilson put him in a headlock after the Super Bowl and gave him a noogie and made him say Uncle? Well you can sure as hell tell when the A.D.D has kicked in, this post was supposed to be about, hell I don’t even know and now we got captain save a ho and I am a complete jack off and lord help me, all aboard the crazy train! Kim Jong Un Killed by those closest so his crazy ass didn’t kill them and now he’s having a weekend at Bernie’s. Ebola, second case in the U.S. holy fuck epidemic, seriously have you seen what is going on in other places like Africa without the resources to deal with this shit? Looking the other way leads to what looks like having to go back to Iraq and finish what we started and not dealing with these deadly viruses will deal with us. ISIS justifies taking sex slaves, because I am sure that is what your beliefs tell you to do are you fucking idiots kidding me, enough already with you fucking fools, you have no point. You are as pointless as the environmentalist fucks destroying shit while drinking there Starbucks and wearing their Nikes! You are wearing what you are protesting you fucking fools, how about you get a fucking clue, deal with whatever your deal is and quit finding a reason to bitch, if you really believe in something fine, but showing up for the face time is as pointless as Facebook! Wow, guess I kind of went on one there, every now and then it isn’t such a bad idea, sometime being the hero doesn’t always work, it blows up in your face, so save yourself and deal with your fires, because starting them and not putting them out will burn  your life to the ground!


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