Don’t Listen To The Ones Telling You That You Can’t! They’re Only Saying It Because They Couldn’t!

Remember that shit, we all fail at something, but don’t let someone who couldn’t do it, ever tell you that you can’t do it. The people in this world are the ones who make you better, who tell you even though you are about to face Godzilla and it is impossible, even that mother fucker is beatable and you can do it! Take can’t away, it is just a word and it only and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, it only has the power that you give it! More important than Mandelas winds of change, the most important words I think a man has ever said is these. And I get Gandhi and King have done and said a lot of motivational things, but I keep going back to Mr, Wooden. “Dont let what you can’t do interfere with what you can do!” You can do something about it today. Maybe you can’t fix it all today, but you starting today can start putting the pieces in place and start setting things in motion so soon your day will come and you can really start fixing things. Yeah, that excuse you just made, yeah with have no time for that shit over here. You kids are watching you, the people who matter are watching you and what you want is watching you waiting for you to come get it, but you can’t, because they couldn’t and they told you that you can’t. If I can say anything to you that has ever mattered it is this. Dont let the words of others ruin your life, don’t live on the words of others. Some will tell you I love you and never will care a thing about you, some will say you can’t, you’re a loser and you will never make it, choosing to live there will kill you. Bitter and angry people who bitch about what was done to them when they did it to themself are the ugliest people in the world and believe me I know, I was one of them! I was one of them for a long time, and for a long time I have hated and been disappointed in myself, and for all of you out there right now facing that. Get over it, you will be more disappointed at the time you wasted when you come out the other side and realize they told you that you cant when the only reason they said it is because they couldn’t and they are trying to hold you down!


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