“But If We Are Wise, We Know That There’s Always Tomorrow!

Lean on me, ill help you carry on , we all have been there, we have all needed someone to lean on and right now the person who needs someone to lean on the most by far is me. My life, my writing, all of it has become stale and I have no direction left to go, I can’t go any farther down. I got nobody to lean on, they are all leaning on me just like every other time, I always put it on my shoulders as my responsibility to figure it out, just who I am! I have gone through hell, yeah and I smiled all the way through that mother fucker, walked right through it. Thumbing my nose at it and things went from bad to worse, but it didn’t take me down, because I did fuck today away, but there is always tomorrow and I don’t have to fuck tomorrow off and quite frankly I don’t want to anymore, I am tired of fucking things off! I am tired of others getting what should be mine and maybe I do want to play superman and put on the cape for a few people who stood by me and deserved it! I am ready for it all to end, I keep coming to tomorrow and saying I am going to do this or I am going to do that and then I end up doing the same fucking thing over and over again and I want to lose my fucking mind. Then I read about what ISIS is doing and babies falling into Jaguar exhibits and parents who have a missing daughter from a college in Virginia and there is a lot of bad shit out there man. So it just means one thing, we are running out of time to do it tomorrow, so when you wake up tomorrow, do me this favor. Decide that tomorrow is today and today is the day that you make shit happen. Decide that today is the day that you can walk through walls and whatever is against you just isn’t strong enough to stop you anymore. If your going through hell, like the song says, keep on going, if your sacred don’t show it and keep on moving and face that fire, keep on moving with a smile on your face. You might just get out before the devil even knows your there!


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