Tired Of These Post Payment Araingment Texts From Sprint!

I think we all might have to start wanting a little more, it isn’t okay every two weeks to have to fill out some online survey about your experience because yet again you couldn’t pay your bill. How is barely being able to pay the bills affecting your marriage or even worse your children? Fuck what about those children in the town on the Syrian border, Kobani, that ISIS is trying to take over and if they do. “U.N. warns of massacre if ISIL takes over town.” So I guess maybe struggling to pay the bills isn’t so bad when you consider the 500 or so people trapped, who will be executed if the town falls, can you imagine waiting for that? Can you imagine any of this fucking shit anymore, does any of it make any fuck sense? I think while I believe in God, it is going to take a lot more than praying to fix this shit, it is going to take a higher power. It is going to take us waking the fuck up and pulling our heads out of our ass. I get we can’t be world police, but we can’t let go on what is going on in Syria, go on any longer. We can’t pretend that Ebola might not turn into a huge problem, don’t push the panic button is what they are saying, really? Ebola is nasty shit, I have seen with my own eyes what it has done to people and no thank you. Dont push the panic button, they are taking Syria, they are beheading people it seems like every other week and if we let them take Syria, whats next cross into the border into Turkey and try to take that bitch? I can’t live this nickel and dime life anymore, where I have to worry about getting to the next day and making payment arraignments, I can fix my problems and it would appear that people out there have real fucking problems you fucking pussy! So Game on or game over, but this bitch begins or ends me today!


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