My One Night Stand With Insanity!

So tell me again when it kicks in? This motivation I should have, this I have pissed so much of it away that I don’t have another second to piss away attitude that I just can’t seem to find. Lord forgive me for what I have done and help those who I have done it too. I pray for my enemies and all those I have hurt every night, I never intended and I wasnt created to hurt, but a part of all of us has evil in it, some embrace it and move on and some spend their lives wasting away trying to fight it. When does this grab it by the fucking throat and start choking the life out of it because it has almost choked the life out of me attitude kick in? Please somebody anybody out there I am begging you tell me when it kicks in! I have been sitting here in this car going through the pages of my life and fuck man there are so many of them that I wish I could rewrite, anybody else out there right about now wishing they got a second draft at this shit called life? Right, nobodies hand is up, that’s right of course, I am the only one who fuck’s up! I figured I would find myself a lot of different places, but every place I have looked has been a dead in, I guess while doing battle with my one night of insanity I figured one thing out. There is still one place left yet to look. Yeah, it might be about damn time that I look inside me, it might just be fucking time to see if I am as tough as I think I am, I can talk it, but walk it, nope when the walking it part comes into play, I just walk the fuck away, what else can I do? Oh that’s right, I could end this one night stand with insanity and for fucking once stand up and be a man! I could put it all to bed, out of sight and out of mind, I have the power within me to end it all, I can make it go down anyway I want too, I have this move that I have more than talked about, Saturday, by Saturday I can get it ready and I can pull it off and then all bets are off, and then the real insanity begins. I am not worried  about what happens if I don’t pull it off, I am more worried about what happens when I do pull it off!


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