And Whats This Last Post Of The Night Going To Be Called?

Well I managed three, this one probably is going to suck, because those last three kicked ass, so after this one bores you to death, go read those! I guess this one is a test right here, can I make it better than the three before it, when the three before it were really good and I got nothing? Something out of nothing, kind of what my life has come down to I guess you could say, I have to make something out of nothing. The friends I have left, don’t even have a clue as to half the douchebag I am, they all think I am a pretty decent guy, just like the guys back at home at the gym thought. I look real good, fuck right now I look as good as I ever have and the tales I can spin, but the only person who really knows what a piece of shit I am is me, maybe the dog has a clue and that six-year-old girl I made a promise to up in Heaven. Me, me, me was my attitude, and I am starting to see just how badly me fucking sucks. How I got no right to be mad at anybody else for the actions they took against me, when fuck man, I don’t think their is a person who I could call on their shit, I didn’t rape or murder anybody, I guess I can say that and I got that going for me, but in just about every other fucking aspect, I have been a huge piece of shit, and what becomes of me now? Pieces of shit get flushed away, and that is what I have done to my life, who says that I can still save it? I can’t wait until I get through this phase of self-doubt and all the bullshit that goes along with it, I have become my own worst enemy and how the fuck do I win. Nobody knows you better than you know yourself, so riddle me that fucking one please. Look at me, thought this one was going to go to shit and it has actually turned out to be pretty productive. I swear at this rate if I ever have a kid his first word will be fuck and I would really like to say that I can do something about it and I am working on it, but if you have been keeping up, how many times have I said that? The lines of what I can and can’t do are starting to get blurred and now I must take one last shot, I must not let what I can’t do get in the way as Mr. Wooden would  say in the way of what I can do anymore. And what I can do is find a way out of this bitch!


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