Weed, Whiskey, Two Women And Whiz Khalifa.

Say it aint so, that one of the most popular rappers on the planet right now was caught in bed with twins by his wife! No way right? Hell if you are going to do it, might as well do it big, twins, how fucking cool would that be? Yeah I don’t care, I know what you are saying I am going to hell, I believe in God, I know full hell where I am going and yes that’s on purpose! Sometimes the weed and the whiskey work to help us forget whatever we are trying to forget, but they only work for the moment! Mistakes were made for sure, things were done with good intentions that weren’t followed through on and things have changed and moved on. There was a time when things like this would have shook you to the core in the past, but no longer shook, focused on what is in front of you and not in back and life gets easier. It doesn’t  get perfect, no only Whiz with the weed, whiskey, twins and millions has it perfect, but it can get better. You can turn a corner, you can start to figure you out! The weed quit working so I quit it, never really had a problem with alcohol, fuck I don’t know what the hell I am trying to say anymore. I think I am okay with it for the first time because I have to be. It went down the way it did and there is nothing that I can do about that, but I can change how out goes down from here on out. People aren’t what they seem, rarely does it seem that you see the real person, no yet someone hiding behind a mask. People the ones who shouldnt will hurt and disappoint you the most sometimes and it will break your heart, lots of things will break your heart, deal with it! Dont let it break you, I got way the hell off track on this post, but sometimes those turn into the best posts, goodnight from wherever the fuck I am Minnesota and I will talk to you tomorrow from I am pretty sure Michigan!


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