The Fire Burnt Out, And The Pain Ended!

There is a finish line, believe it or not, and I found it today. That thing that made my blood boil, got into my system and changed me and I couldn’t get it out, today when I found out some things, all it did was disgust me. Its called hindsight right? Yeah I wont even go there, I could write and entire blog of my poor choices in hindsight:-). But funny how much power it had, I let it bring me to my fucking knees, it dam near broke me, in fact I thought for sure it did and in the end? The only thing that disgusts me knowing what I know now about the situation, is the way I let myself fall apart and react to it. I promise you, the best revenge is taking care of your shit and wishing them well, it drives them nuts! When they are expecting what you used to be, that hurt little bitch, running his mouth like a hurt little bitch. But when you act like a man, people don’t know what to do, confused and looks of wow look at him and then when you wish them well and don’t take the shots, there are no shots left to take, nobody wins, but winning isn’t the point, getting a little pride back and being able to walk away for once with your head held high! The fire finally burnt out, it looks like I can finally get on with my life, the pain simply ended. And now I have no more reasons why I can’t, I never really did, I knew the whole time it was a break I caught, who knows what happens from here on out, that is all on me out here on the road, but I know how it would have went down if I had gotten my way. That shit would have ended me, but now I feel like I am at the beginning!


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