Off With His Head, Slip Sliding Away And Lets Blame Everything Gay!

I pray for Peter Kassig, I hold out hope that these monsters who are killing unarmed aid workers have a little remorse, compassion fuck I don’t even know. And spare me, I know kids die in other countries everyday because of U.S. operations and every other fucking country has there hands dirty too! But can you imagine being his family and watching a man being beheaded and then waiting over the next couple weeks for a video to drop? But lets blame the big bad U.S., lets blame the gays, its Russia and Putin or it is Obama, and one of the top stories on my CNN app you ask? Russian and Chinese jets have been pushing closer and closer to encounters with U.S. planes! Bad shit is happening all around us in the world and it seems like day in and day out, we aren’t fucking getting it. How bad it really could be, fuck fear, I am talking Ebola, ISIS, The Ice Caps, I can continue folks, feel free to stop me, but you can’t. One shot, I can do it, I can actually see it this time, I may have fucked up before, but in middle of the fuck nowhere Nebraska I am starting to figure it out. Yeah not Minnesota or South Dakota that’s above Kansas if you were playing along earlier in my posts. Is Nebraska any better than Arkansas? What the hell is a razorback? Some kind of fucking pig? So you named yourselves after some kind of pig, my bad southerners hog? Stay classy Arkansas, always keeping it real, not that Dave Chappell would ever show his face there! Imagine being gay there probably wouldn’t be the best idea either! But as I sit here in Nebraska with all I want slip sliding away like a Bobby Mcpehrin song, too tired if I am wrong and I know I butchered the name I am sorry, but my battery is low, it is cold as shit and Nebraska is kind of scary at night. Kind of like one of those horror movies, where if someone did fuck with you way out here, cell service is sketchy and there aint gonna be nobody to hear you scream boy, so squeal like a pig! Google squeal like a pig and I am sure Burt Reynolds pops up and what I just said will completely make sense. Squeal like a pig, it is what the Manning brothers do to each oteher every offseason when they are on the road together making commercials! Should be covered on that one, look at those two, no beauty pageant winners over there, and I will put my I love the Florida Gators, you never beat us Peyton, go back to Rocky top and, okay he does seem like a really nice guy so I will leave him alone now. Eli on the other hand looks like, okay enough of that, my life and it slip sliding away and what not. It is time to be done with the blame, realize how lucky you are. You arent morning a loved one who was just beheaded and you didn’t see your son or brother in a video saying he is next like some family did. It is time that we all stand up like men and women and do something about it before we can’t!


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