“Tonight, I’m Cleaning Out my Closet!

When you come to that place where you have run out of reasons and places to run, whats next? It isn’t Kansas, sorry Kansas, but cant do it, but hey if you read last nights post, at least you aren’t Arkansas, so you go that going for ya. What I have going for me right now is a nightmare of my own doing, still trying to figure out that it has to happen every time you open your mouth and say it will, not some of the time. Doing what the fuck you say you are going to do every time makes shit so much easier, I wouldn’t of had to lie and I wouldn’t of had to play catch up, but now it is all catching up to me and it may swamp me over! So here it goes, time to clean out my closer. I took what wasn’t mine, if you screwed me, you bet your ass  I was looking for vengeance and I was gonna screw you harder. Then I got mad about it when it happened to me and wanted to blame everyone else when I was doing far worse. There was a time all that mattered to me was the next high and I didn’t give a shit about anyone or anything else. A time when I pissed it all away and I time when I let all those who counted on me and believed in me down. I broke hearts, I heart the ones who meant the most and just went on like it didn’t matter. There will come a time if I don’t do something about it now that it will catch up with me. That piece of shit I was, believe me he is hot on my heels in Kansas, staying one step ahead of myself and trying to stay the fuck out of my own way is all I got left man. I did all that shit, cleaning out your closest doesn’t do a damn bit a good if you aren’t going to keep it clean and you are just going to let the same clutter keep building up. Your life becomes cluttered, your vision becomes cluttered and pretty soon your entire life gets cluttered and finding away out of the clutter  is all you have left at some point is a pair of golden arches in I don’t know where I am anymore Kansas! Clean it out and keep it clean, dirt builds up and the dirtier you let something get, the harder it is to clean up!


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