I Can’t Pawn It Off Anymore, I Was The Pawn!

Some play Kings, some play the part of Queens, but in this game I chose to be the pawn. I chose to be the victim and the perpetrator all in one. While it was being done to me, I was doing it worse to someone else. Tonight this is the text I receive,”One of the worst mistakes that you can make, is to quit on the person who FOUGHT for you. Never leave loyalty!” I am sure she stole it from somewhere, but it is the point right.  I was to damaged by what the one before her did to give a damn about her and now she is damaged far worse than I ever was! Fuck man riddle me that one, I am almost through Oklahoma I left to leave the bullshit behind and I swear it is chasing me, If it wasnt for the fact that I need the fucker to write and figure out where the fuck I am going, I am pretty sure I would throw this electric leash right out the fucking window and it can hang with the cows! Oh fuck, just realized I am not in the midwest anymore and when your drive across the top of Oklahoma you end up in sleep with your sister Arkansans. Man I hope I don’t enter this bitch looking good and come out the other side looking like one of the Manning brothers, you know that shit happens! Guess it would be time to give myself a break and realize that we are all human and we all do things that we wish we didn’t. Might be time to quit worrying about what others did to me too, because over here, yeah with Arkansas ahead of me, we weren’t perfect either and I am not talking about teeth Arkansas! Hmmm I wonder where left and up goes, I aint looking to be Billy Bobs bitch at a rest area in Arkansas, no thank you I like the way my asshole is just fine! I will take Kansas any fucking day over Arkansas, leaving Peyton and co there and going left and up to Kansas. I imagine Kansas isn’t that exciting, but hey when the other option is Arkansas, it feels like I just won the lottery! How pissed you think anyone in Arkansas reading this right now is? Yeah, your right, I am and idiot, they can’t read! So home of  the Jayhawks it is and how far off track did my A.D.D. and lack of sleep take this post? Well lets just say I can’t go to Arkansas ever again or probably into Wal-Mart, low prices, low wages, low IQ Jesus people shit isn’t this hard! Wow, I was supposed to be talking about what a piece of shit I am and guess I got a wee bit off track folks, shit happens, isn’t that what the monkey with his hands over his mouth says. Can monkeys talk? Like english and shit, not to each other, I am a fucking idiot, I am not stupid, I know they do that! Dont let yourself be the pawn in your life, if you know you shouldnt be doing it in the first place, why fucking do it? I am not talking about pushing the limit or stepping out of your comfort zone, do that shit. But if you continue to hurt people and live this way even if it was never your intention, Kansas starts looking good!


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