Getting Tired Of Picking This Mother F***** Up Of The Floor, When He Chooses To Continue To Lay There!

I did this, get the fuck over it and get the fuck on with it. Everybody is waiting for you too, that has been what they have all been waiting on. Right before you left Olympia, you started to hear the whispers, he had some much potential, what happened? Not him, he had so many chances in front of him and he seemed like such a nice guy! Yeah while try picking the pussy up off the floor over and over again, dead weight is a whole hell of a lot heavier than one would think for sure. I have been carrying around the dead weight of myself for far fucking to long, its time to cut my loses and let it go. I can simply continue to be my own biggest enemy or I can play the cards, take the hits and see what the fuck happens, but one thing I do know, I can’t continue like this. Heading straight up through Kansas to what I think is either South Dakota or Minnesota aint getting it anymore. I can imagine shit starts to get pretty cold at night this time of year, yeah I imagine tonight I will be a popsicle. Can you imagine those who don’t even have a car to sleep in this shit? Yeah, but here I am still trying to pick this mother fucker up off the bathroom floor thousands of miles away from everything I want and what now you pussy? You didn’t have to go anywhere, you couldn’t handle it anymore so boo fucking hoo you ran, but maybe it was the only way. Because for once in your miserable fucking life, you have to do it yourself, you can’t go back what you were, that is for sure. Cant have the anger and bitterness towards it, can’t hold on to it and can’t let it keep burying you. Cant do it, there is no way to get to where you are trying to go if you choose to live life that way! Yeah I am getting tired of picking this woah is me mother fucker up off the floor, new plan Stan, what if I did stand up on my own this time? Some walks in life you just have to take on your own. You cant worry about what you did or what they are going to say, somebody who is unhappy with their life and has nothing better to do than judge yours will always have something to say. But sometimes you have to stand up, leave it there, walk through the fire and face it! Because everybody is getting tired of picking this mother fucker up off the floor, not just me!


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