Tell Me I Was Dreaming! Tell Me I Didn’t Let It Go Down Like This!

When I look back, I am sure there will be moments that disappoint me more than others, but none more than today. When your on the road running from yourself, the nearest Taco Bell will suffice. It all kind of hit me when I walked in the door and it changes shit, in that moment I changed! Tell me I was fucking dreaming man, tell it didn’t go down like this. Tell me I haven’t been wasting the past ten months on a pretty girl who dumped me because that would mean I am a pussy. Tell me I didn’t waste sixteen years getting high that I will never get back, tell me I was fucking dreaming man! What changed it all and smacked me upside the head you ask? The handicapped lady and her daughter who was handicapped and they only had each other! Daughter is capable to meet a man, I’m worries because I got dropped on my ass! I wish I had the excitement ink that they had over getting a stuffed burrito, fuck it at least they are having fun and trying, what are you doing? But that moment changed me, they couldn’t drive, one of them made all kinds of involuntary noises, the other seemed half embarrassed because she was handicapped, so the next time you pick on someone or just stare and don’t say hello! Bring that shit here and I will punch you in the fucking face, we are all people and today I realized how lucky I am that I am capable to take care of myself, I am capable to do something about it and change shit and the only thing that was broken was my shitty attitude about why I couldn’t and poor fucking me! Because I’m pretty sure the two ladies sitting next to me weren’t mad at God or making any excuses, no they were living their life!


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