“Joe Biden Explains Why ISIS Is Like Ebola!

Rub my eyes, scratch my head and hit refresh, I didn’t just see that did I? Say it ain’t so Joe, I didn’t even need to open up the article to know what a complete and total idiotic statement that is, and then to try to explain it! I bet it went something like ISIS is a threatening disease like Ebola or some shit along those lines! Guess what, candy and pop are threatening too, eat too much and get fat and diabetic! I’m not sure if these fucktards in power get a clue about exactly what the fuck is going down in our world right now! And I respect handicapped people, hell they are smarter than that Joe, fucktard is reserved for someone special like you Mr. Vice President! It’s like the blind leading the blind, but I bet you can tell me all the scores from the weekend! Oh wait that’s your boy, sorry of and you should worry about domestic violence in football because that’s your job too! How about let’s be men and if you hit a woman, contract terminated and 1 year suspension, start taking away mother fuckers money and see how fast that shut changes! Tired if listening to its a culture or we don’t know how to change it! Yes you do step up Roget, step up union boss or should I say mafia boss, you are protecting criminals! The union was set up to protect players rights so teams couldn’t walk all over them, it wasn’t set up to protect criminals who think there above shit! Sorry little mad at all of us right now, so excuse the mid-afternoon rant!


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