“We’ve Been Scared Since Time Began!”

You can choose to admit it, or you can choose to look the other way as we Americans tend to do. But what I am scared of is ridiculous at this point. I am scared of a moment that may or may not happen, but it can’t happen until I take care of me. Until I take care of business and play my cards and put my move in play, it all sits still and I just get older. The phrase in the song is talking about us not understanding each other and judging and killing over it. But we are all scared of something, facing and beating that something is what life is about. My move may not work, there have been people before me and people after me who tought and will think that their move is good enough and it wasnt, so who’s to say that my move is good enough? You can only have hope and faith in something for so long, before you have to pull it off, or file it away and move on with your life. But what happens when its your last move?You’re hoping for and ace on the river, you have been scared for sixteen years now, because it either begins or ends you and now instead of sleeping, this cold Utah night and memories of Olympia play out in front of you. If you don’t put it in play, you don’t have to worry about failing, you will get by, wont be the best life, but wont be the worst, but it wont be what you are capable of and who wants to live that way. Maybe I am out of my fucking mind, but it has finally come time to do it or let it die. Time to throw the punch, time to take the shot at everything that is against me, one last chance to stand up and show them all that while I was scared, I was a lot of things, but that’s what I was, and you should worry about what I am about to become!


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