The Enemy Of Everything Thats Evil!

What if you got a second chance? I’ll get to that in a minute, I’m kind of pissed off right now. The enemy of everything evil according to Garth Brooks is people loving people. I can think of a lot of things I love right now and not one of them I have because of choices. The enemy was me, not the enemy of evil, but the enemy of my future. Fuck I realized today I have felt sorry for myself for so fucking long, I am not sure I know how to feel anything else! When you give up all the anger and bitterness and stop being mad about it, you can actually get on with your life, imagine that little novel idea. I am mad, because the last two days after doing really well for a while, my writing has turned to shit! The best line I have ever heard in a song I heard today, “doctor you aint got a pill for whatever is making this world ill.” Pills and politicians, dirty money and the dirty bombs they want you to be afraid of seem to rule our world. I used to have passion like when I hear it in Garth Brooks voice singing those words people loving people. “Talk is cheap and lies are free, we fear what we don’t understand and we have been scared since time began!” Maybe it is time we take a step back and quit being our own enemy, maybe it is time not look at the handicapped person, but walk up and shake their hand. The guy with one leg, yeah introduced myself and he turned out to be one hell of a guy, I don’t know where we all got lost on this journey, but I know this isn’t what God or whatever you believe in wanted and soon, if we keep forcing whoever is out there’s hand, he, it whatever it is might push back. And then the enemy wont be the enemy, the enemy and the evil that we have done, if you were judged tomorrow what would you say? Tought pill to swallow, goodnight….


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