It Isn’t That Bad, And It Can Get Better!

Finally in Utah and finally done running and ready to face it all. No matter how it all goes down, it just isn’t that bad. What is against you, what you think is going to bury you, all of the things that you worry about that you make bigger than they are. You will survive it, while I was worrying about it and woah is me about it, I was missing the fact that I survived it. I have been running from myself for so long that I forgot who I was and I forgot I still got a chance right here in front of me, or I can run. It just isn’t that bad though, and I am just stupid enough to believe that it can still get better, why the heck not? See heck not fu*k, I  am working on some things here out on the road! I put my back against this wall, nobody else did and it is about damn time I owned up to it and realize the girl who screwed me, see again didn’t say the f word. But the girl who screwed me and the people who screwed me, people have been screwed worse, I gauranfuckingtee it. Okay, you have to give me that one, that one was pretty cool. Man it is cold as shit, shit I am trying, but old habits die-hard. We want to run back to them, because they are comfortable, we know them and feel safe, it is like a security blanket! But letting them go isn’t as bad and doesn’t hurt as bad as you think it will, I promise you that. It will get better, keep fighting, keep putting one foot in front of the other and pretty soon you will start to see it. And that is all it takes, once you see your dream in front of you, you will put it in motion and it will not can get better!


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