Eureka, Shit, No it Says Yreka!

Brought back some really good memories of driving to see my grandparents in Reno. Today was hard, no hawks game so my friends got together for a flag football game and the texts came rolling in, we are one short. Even if they weren’t, the point was made, maybe I wasnt as big a piece of shit as I thought I was and some people still do care. I miss home now almost two days away and the weed that helped me hide from it all I have given up. Finally called and told my mom I am alive, a quick I am okay, I will try to be back for Christmas, I got a lot of things to fix so I am going to probably miss Thanksgiving is all I could leave on my parents answering service. I saw Eureka in my head and thought this could be the perfect place until I realized it reminded me every second of where I came from and I started thinking about why I left. You get a lot of time to think when you are alone on the road, got a few compliments at the L.A. fitness in Eugene today, “man how did you get arms like that.” Thanks kid, I needed a little pick me up for sure, even if it was a vain one. I showed him a few little tricks I had learned along the way because I paid attention and then more pavement in front of me. I doubt in Yreka that I am going to find the college kids and the escape from it all that I found last night. I doubt I will find myself or what I am looking for either. No I imagine it is going to be a long cold night, guess it could be worse, I am eating burger king right now and I got a roof over my head, even if it is a sun roof!


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