Today I Do, Tomorrow I Will!

Today I took the scariest step of my life, but it might be the only one that propels me to my future. Forgot just how uncomfortable it is sleeping in your car in a rest area. No big wooden front door or 120 pound lab to protect you. You can sure tell summer is gone, and fuck the heated seats only work when the car is on, and well if I had the money to waste on gas to turn on the car, I probably wouldn’t be sleeping in a car under the starts tonight. Eugene is home tonight, but tomorrow I am thinking somewhere warmer and a little closer to a beach in California. Sad yes, but I think less scared than I was last night pondering the move, the move had to be made, I couldn’t even get my dream off the closet floor in Olympia, so what is the point in staying?  I miss my dog, I miss the friends and the family, but I fear if I had stayed any longer, I was going to miss out on any shot at a life and that just wasnt okay anymore. I finally stepped out of my comfort zone, I have finally decided to step up and do something about it. Tonight I might have changed a few kids lives, a week ago I was sitting in a spare bedroom, getting stoned and bitching about why my life sucked and how I was going to take this dream off my closet floor and finally do something about it. I learned it feels a whole hell of a lot better taking a chance then talking about taking one, while I am sad and miss it, I havent felt this good in a long time. No worries, it’s all in front of me and everything that was weighing me down behind me, yeah this living in your car shit is for the birds, today it is what I have to do, but what I will do tomorrow is going to change it all, gotta believe that. Ready, Set, lets roll!


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