Thank You Captain. Nobody Tried Harder!

And I would agree and I am the biggest Yankee hater out there, but I had to take a little time for the captain. While half the NFL is high and beating on woman and kids, you never did. While they all were cheating because of their egos and for money, never, not once did the name Derek Jeter come up in a steroid investigation. There was never a headline, Derek Jeter arrested for domestic violence, Derek Jeter arrested for driving under the influence and had pot on him at the time. Come to think of it, no matter if you hate the Yankees as much as I do or not, you never heard anyone say anything bad about Derek Jeter, so I thank you Captain. His words at his press conference tonight resonated with me and hit me right between the eyes. He said this, “yeah you can say there were guys who were more talented than me for sure, but you can’t say anybody tried harder everyday. Maybe some tried as hard, but nobody tried harder!” And if you missed it, then I don’t think I can help you. That right there is the answer to every one of your questions, every one of your can or can nots. That ladies and gentleman solves it all, so I guess we all would owe a tip of the hat to the captain. You know why he will go down as one of the greatest players to ever play the game and in my mind after Cal Ripken Jr. the second best to ever play the position? Because he tried harder than anybody else every single fucking day, he got it. He got other people wanted what he wanted to and he had to outwork all those people. He didn’t worry about what didn’t matter, he knew it didn’t matter at the time and he knew it wouldn’t matter in the end, all that matters now is how it ends. I have to try harder, I have to do better and so do you, we all can do this. And I plan on ending it like Jeter did in Yankee stadium tonight with a walk off and walking off one last time as the hero and the mother fucker who saved himself. I thank you one last time captain for being someone like my hero Ken Griffey jr that kids can look up to from your era. I thank you for doing it the right way, I thank you for giving a shit about the game and realizing what a privilege it was when so many act like punks and don’t. I thank you for being a man that we all can look up too! So thank you captain, enjoy your retirement and thank you for teaching me that if I try harder, anything is possible!


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