So Many Bad Things In The Dark Waiting For You!

But I have beaten the drugs I have done and the whining about what was done to me into the fucking ground at this point. Okay, maybe a while back, but who is really paying any attention right. There are all kinds of bad things waiting for you in the dark. Child predators, ISIS militants willing to behead in the name of no cause, people the closest to us who will end up hurting us the most, but fuck the dark. The dark only wins if you continue to keep the light out, if you continue to play small and do nothing! The farther I get away from smoking the weed, the more I start to realizing things. You start to see things for what they are, you start seeing that you lead yourself into the darkness where the bad things happen to you, and you now must find your way out of this same darkness. You keep wanting to end the battle because you just turned thirty-seven and have this it is too late end of the world attitude, when in reality you might have gotten saved again and if you knock of the fucking bullshit, it could just be beginning at thirty-seven you stupid fucking bastard! It can all begin for you tomorrow and it can all change for you in a matter of days, hours or minutes if you quit wasting your time on the past, Facebook, and  fantasy football and get down to making that move. That move makes it all happen, that move leads me out of the darkness and all the things that I did there. The hurt, the pain, the addiction, all the things that I did because I didn’t give a shit about anything else but myself. Well bad things do happen in the dark, but all you have to do is have the guts to turn on the lights and face yourself to come out of the darkness, good morning!


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