You Were Raised Better Than That.

You were raised better than the guy trying to keep score lately, by the way, one question. How is that old keeping score thing going for you anyway? Silence or insanity at twelve o clock midnight asking yourself questions and trying to find answers as to who you are going to decide to be. But that is what I have been doing and that is why my dream still lies on a closet floor, I am to busy plotting in my head how I am going to stick it to her and how this person is going to be sorry and that is what the fuck I have chosen to live my life on, oh say for the last ten months. You got shit on, you got shit on again and you went back a third fucking time and got shit on one more time and your really wasting your precious time plotting and planning ways to stick it to her and other people? How fucking sad is that and that is the point. It will never happen for me if  I do it in the name of vengeance, remember a wise person said, if you go out looking for revenge, better dig two graves, think it was Ghandi sorry if I am wrong! I was raised better than this. It seems as though I have become the one thing I hate the most. And ugly disgusting person, it would appear I do all these things for people only so I can throw it back in their face later and keep score. Fuck man I thought I was raised better than that, but I sure as fuck don’t know right now. A girl and what was done to me doesn’t concern me anymore, what concerns me is the piece of shit I have let myself become and how the fuck I am going to fix it! Wait, sorry way A.D.D. here, but Blackish! Really ABC, okay, this shit I gotta see. Getting back on track and being raised better than that, for the first time today in probably thirty-seven years I let it go. I didn’t act like a dick, I didn’t react, I let it play out and you know what? It ended up working out in my favor. For the first time I didn’t go on the attack, and I had ammo, but I remembered that the situation had ammo to and the only thing you need ammo for is to go on the attack. When you go on the attack with ammo, it usually ends badly, men and women and children lose their lives that way every single day on this earth. So realize you were raised better than that, stop with the judging and pointing fingers and go out and show everyone you were raised better than that!


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