We Just Don’t Get It!

We have become a country that has chosen to live like me. I don’t give a fuck anymore whose fault it is and who did what, what the fuck are we going to do? Please fucking spare me the Bush was right about Syria, Obama did all this end of the fucking world speech. They both suck a fat one and neither one of those ass clowns got it, and while Bush may have been right about Syria, he was wrong about a lot of other shit, so is Obama. Towns in Iraq are potentially being wiped of the map because some group says its in the name of religion and they hate the west. I’m sorry does this not sound like Hitler with the jews doing whatever the fuck he wanted and trying to wipe a certain group off the face of the Earth? These people are beheading people, in the name of what? Spare me the America does bad shit all the time and their money funds this or that, so does Russia, so does China and I bet your country whoever you are reading and judging isn’t so clean either. How the fuck you kill your six grandkids and your daughter by the way? Riddle me that one. What the fuck is wrong with people are you fucking kidding me, I wish all this shit I was talking about right now was just a bad joke, but it would seem the jokes on us, I just don’t think that we get it! I am afraid it is going to get dirty and real fucking ugly. I am afraid if we are ever going to change shit that the things we are going to have to see, face and do will change us, we have to make moves bigger than all of it. One move, one shot in the dark to pump the brakes and not continue down this path to destruction. You can only pollute your planet, kill each other over religious beliefs and not give a shit for so long before there are consequences and then maybe we will get it. God if you believe like I do wiped out the Earth once, why can’t he do it again? Doesnt work for ya, fine you can deny God to each their own, but the polar ice caps, the bees and the way we are polluting our planet! Those are things you can’t deny and those things are just as scary as God wiping out the planet and you can see all of them, yet you deny them like you deny God acting like you don’t see them. God is about faith, something I have, but what we are doing to ourselves, I don’t even have words for what we are capable of and I fear if we don’t get it soon, we never will…..


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