Sometimes You Do The Best You Can, And Then You Gotta Walk!

Funny the  first thing you used to run to in the morning was a pot pipe on your morning walk with the dog. Funny how much farther you decide to walk and how much energy you have when you get home and have a protein shake and banana without the thc! Somewhere along the line I forgot I made a deal with myself to accept things I can’t change, let go of things I don’t want to and be a better me. Sometimes you do the best that you can do and then you have to walk, you have no choice. Staying even though you want to so badly, can bury you sometimes, sometimes you gotta do what Kenny Rogers said. “You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold them, know when to walk away and no when to run.” Know when to run. I have been bailed out so many times it isn’t even funny and every time instead of looking at it like the blessing it is, I try to run back to it and strangle the life out of it! Sometimes you do the best you can in life and then you have to walk away from it and move on. It hurts, it sucks and it breaks your heart, but far worse than any of those is holding on to something that has let go of you or something you have lost. It came down to this for me today, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.” Thank you Henry Ford. I think I can be strong enough to walk away and leave what I need to alone, I didn’t do the best I could then, but I am now and that is all that matters, I learned. I learned what is important, I learned that I was going to blow friends off tonight and not play basketball, but there will come a time when my body wont let me play basketball and my skills will walk away from me. Point I am making is this, go out and live it while you can. Do your best and walk away when you need too, holding on will cost you going on sixteen years and that I can guarantee you!


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