Putting Your Nose Down Works Sometimes!

You let it eat at you all day, and just when you were about to handle it and let it go down the way it has every other fucking time, you didn’t. You didn’t react, you didn’t say what you wanted to say, and you realized all those things you were about to say, someone could say a lot of things about you I am sure. Pure luck really, I had it sitting in the text field all day saved on the iPhone, but this time I didnt hit send, This time I didn’t make a mole hill into a mountain, yeah today I did a lot of growing up. I realized time does make it easier and if you hold on and keep fighting, you will get to the finish line. It wont hurt as bad, I replaced pining for it with the sounds of my best friend snoring away on my bed where he shouldn’t be and the rain drops. Like I said before it is the little things, it wasnt that she was smoking hot, it was the cute way she did little things. But today it just didn’t hurt as bad, I saw it for what it was a lesson and a  bail out, I really would be miserable if it had gone down the way I wanted it too. And today I didnt react, I always do, oh you did this to me well, I can say things that hurt you to and I can be a dick to and I forgot the first thing my dad probably taught me, It is how you act and how your carry yourself, I was five years old when I tried to throw a fit and walk off the field without shaking the other teams hand and my dad, man he whipped my ass for that shit know that. He simply said, “boy this is not how my son handles his business. Win, lose, whether the other team or coaches are jerks, you aren’t and you were raised better than that. Hold on, in about a half hour, you were raised better than that will be one of my best posts ever….


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