“Silver Linings Playbook.”

Never saw the movie, heard it is amazing, might want to sit down and waste a little time on it, now that I have all this time on my hands because im not stoned every second of every day! Amazing the things you can do when you have a little drive and ambition! But I think the premise of the story is Bradley Coopers character knowing he was going to die, if I am wrong, shoot me, so sorry! But what if you knew you were going to die? What if you knew the supplements you were taking down the line will take a toll? What if you knew the tanning bed you sit in would cause you to lose your breasts from cancer? Oh wait I guess you do know these things, but yet you do them anyway, but for a second think. Phone rings, doctor says cancer and you have six months to live, what do you do? Cry? Get angry at God or Life? Start praying? I just wonder how you would be living your life right now if you knew you were going to die. Oh wait I guess you do know you are going to die, it is the one thing that you know for sure. Whether at six like my former best friends daughter, or at 66, this life will end, so you do know. So then I guess I would have to ask, have you gotten everything you wanted out of this life? You only get one so be careful not to waste it. Are you wasting it now? Do you have the people and the things that you want around you tonight or are those things and those people somebody elses? You see in my silver linings playbook, it goes down a little differently. It goes down with me getting in that car wreck and pissing away sixteen years, but in this sixteenth season, I figure it out. I figure out what matters, I come out of a pot haze, I give up every excuse and every thing that is holding me back, I take back what is mine, I walk back the fuck in a man. I made to many bitch moves and in the ended I let it get so out of control that I became a bitch! I guess I can’t open the playbook to my future if I can’t even get my one shot off the closet floor. Lets see how bad I want it. 6 a.m. basketball a friend invited me too and then home to pick up the pieces of my life from that closet floor and put my life back together. Lets see if I want it, or I want to sleep!


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