It’s About Pride, You Can’t Kinda Want It.

You kinda like a girl, so you go on a date to see if you really like her. You kinda like strawberry, but lets face it, strawberry is no chocolate! You can kinda like certain things, but you can’t kinda want it. Women want you to come in and take it. I have had more woman tell me the reason I got passed over was because I was wishy-washy and didn’t take what I wanted. Dont go out and assault a woman, that is not what I am saying. I am saying when it is time to make plans, don’t say I don’t care. Say I made reservations here for us. I was wishy-washy on to many things and in the end I got exactly what I deserved, my ass handed to me. It is about pride, you can’t kinda want it and ever expect to get it or get anywhere. Its put up or shut up time, it’s about showing your ass and getting your ass handed to you. It is about having to eat it because you ran your mouth like a bitch and never made it happen. That its okay you fucking tried shit only works with little kids, you tried doesn’t get it three weeks  into thirty-seven. There is more than this and I want more than this, I am capable of so  much more, why I let this go on I have no idea anymore, I really don’t. As my mind starts to clear from the pot and the pain of the past I have been letting go, I realize pride may be just all that I have left. Well, its late and I got a 530 wake up call and I got nothing in the tank, goodnight. Tomorrow mornings post which will come in the next four hours or so will be one you might not want to miss 🙂


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