Time To Make Em Pay!

Time for some payback Russell Wilson as the song would say and I keep coming back too. Yeah he got his payback, but when your perch is  at the top of the cliff Mr. Seahawk, everybody is trying to knock you off. Not sure what the fuck I was trying to say there, it is late and I am tired and probably withdrawing a little bit from the 24 hours of no smoking pot. But what do you want them to see? Defeated? Yep you got me and you are fucking some other dude, shoved it in my face and I am still wasting away? Face family members who don’t want to be right, but almost are at the point where they have no choice but to assume they are and write you off? I been fighting through it for a long time, the fight either pays off or I have to quit, I don’t know if I am going to make it or not, but I plan on making some mother fuckers pay before I go. Just in case you misunderstand what I am trying to say, I don’t want to be like them, I don’t want to shove it in their face, I want them to see I was worth it, I am a good person, I fuck up like we all do, but there is still a lot of good left in me. Back has been up against this mother fucking wall for far to long, I want them to see me happy, I want them  to see me succesful I want them to see I was worth more than the shitty way they treated me and wrote me off after all I did. Yeah how quickly people seem to forget all the things you do for them when you fuck up, forgetting they fuck up too. I got called pathetic, disgusting a loser, but I got all of the pieces now, chips are on the table, problem for you is this, you think I am still bluffing and this mother fucking time I am bringing aces. Yeah I want them to know they made a mistake, not because I have to run my mouth, remember those are bitch moves, time to live what I dream, time to make them pay and make a move!


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