Bitch Moves Or Major Moves?

Made bitch moves and acted like a bitch and got dealt with like a bitch, ready, set lets fucking roll, best song on the radio right now. And while he may be talking about a girl, I am talking about my life. I didn’t make a deal with a man in the moon though like the song says, no I made a promise to a six-year-old girl at her casket who meant the world to me. So tonight all the vengeance and anger I still find in my heart, I let go, I have to, you never move on holding on to that shit. And two things I know that little girl would want me to do is pull this off and quit holding on to all the bitterness and  anger, I did it to myself! So I guess its lets roll time. I guess I asked for this, since I did all this and since I just gave up my last crutch as to why I can’t, I guess I gotta ask why can’t I? As I sat with a friend last night, last time smoking and we sat there talking about making moves and he is and I am not and he said it’s that easy bro, You have it, but are you a bitch or a man? Sure you acted like a bitch, and you made some bad choices, but everybody does. What the fuck are you going to come back as bro? That’s all anybody gives a fuck about. All that shit you did goes away and nobody cares anymore when you make major moves and quit making bitch moves. Yeah they wont forget an you will have to still prove some shit to them, but the bullshit your worried about wont matter if you take care of what does matter, so ready, set lets roll ladies and gentleman, I made a promise to a six-year-old girl in Heaven, Promise your daughter, your mother, your wife, hell if you is all you got then make a promise to yourself that from here on out we are done with the bitch moves and its time to make some major moves!


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