This One Will Make You Stop And Think. The Curious Case Of Crazy Willie!

I see him all the time in my hometown, I call him crazy Willie. I have given him money as I have driven by, but I have never stopped and talked to him, until today when I did. I guess it was in my eyes or written all over my face, but he said I already know what you are going to ask me, and the answer is???? He said he had let too much time go by. Then he said, son if you are looking for answers from a homeless mentally crazy person, you got more problems than I do. What the hell do you say to that? But he is right, most of my problems are fixable and between my ears! I asked him, nobody dreams of this, kids dream of being fireman and sports stars and doctors. So how do you end up here? He said I went to war and didn’t come back right, then I finished the job off with drugs and by that point I hade taken it to far and there was no coming back. Kind of made my wah wah losing a hot chick bullshit, just that, bullshit. He said, there comes a moment in everyone’s life that makes or break them, where you go to far and can never come back, or you realize you are about to go to far and you do something about it! That moment when you find out just what you have inside of you and what you are made of. That moment where all that has happened to you finishes you or you finish it, you both can’t win. He said when that moment came for him, he was so fucked up from a war and coming home to a country that didn’t want him that he chose to sink into drugs, he said he never imagined he wouldn’t come back! Guess I could say the same thing about the last sixteen years, and while I havent lost my mind, it sure feels like it sometimes. Then I think about the things that I have made happen and pulled out of thin air and what I could do if I got down to business and took care of shit. The last thing he said to me as I handed him ten bucks and a drink was this. The drugs I did made me useless and I can no longer be a fully functioning member of society, do something while you can, before you can’t! Bottom line folks, get your choices in check, before they check you!


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