Let’s Go, Let’s Go!

Lets turn this mother fucker around, lets go, lets go, its time for us to put on the show. We have shown our weaknesses. We have shown we are capable of doing terrible things, we have shown we aren’t even close to as perfect as we thought we or hoped we would be. Quit holding on to it and let it go, that moment passed as much as you don’t want to admit it and pining for a moment that is gone is pure insanity friends. Lets go, Lets go, straight ahead to our future and what is in front of us and not behind! I am tired of the end of the world bullshit, your world would change in a second if you would quit worrying about what doesn’t matter and start taking care of what does. Being passed over for somebody else is a killer on the heart, it happening not because the other thing is better, but because you didn’t do the work is the worst. So I have done and survived the worst, I guess the best is yet to come, why the fuck not?  For all the mother fuckers who didn’t let me go down, lets go lets go, I can’t let it go down like this, It doesnt end here with somebody else getting what I want, I am done with that shit for sure, whats mine is about to be mine again, It is a mindset, you can’t want it some of the time, you can’t run a tight ship half of the time, you can’t let some shit slip, you gotta handle your business every fucking second  of every day. So lets go lets go and lets go figure a fucking way out of this holes, we dug it so why can we get the hell out of it. Yeah I got myself into this mess and i will get myself out of it, but lets go lets go!


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