Asshole Confessional!

Welcome to the world asshole. You don’t like when its done to you, but you sure as hell will do it to others at the drop of a dime that is for sure. Always look out for number one, but when you care about nothing but yourself, which most of the fucking time lately it sure seems like well, what an asshole. I realize my actions have consequences, but I have always skated around them. I have always said oh it wasnt the right person or right situation and if it  was it would have worked out. I probably got done a lot of favors along the way, there were  a few I thought were the one and a few friends who I thought would always be there and boy was I fucking wrong! What the fuck is wrong with me man, at least she sent me a text saying I respectfully decline our dinner plans and then nothing else, I am just playing games like a dick with this chick, what an asshole. And the worse I am, the more she wants me, someone please explain that to me. I am a good guy I normally wouldn’t do this, but at this point I am so unemotionally available right now after what was done to me that if you want to feed me, fuck me and let me walk out the door, okay much more than that right now and I just aint got that to offer. A part of me wasnt just hurt, a part of me was broken and I kept trying to patch it instead of fix it and the thing is for all the good I do, I do just as much bad, what a fucking asshole. I have to fix what is broken in me before I am any good to myself or anyone else. Might be time to do something about the pathcing if you ever plan to go somewhere in whats left of this life for you. Assholes only get so far before they get shit on and let me tell you I have seen it, the fall isn’t a graceful one. It’s a you did this to me, this isn’t my fault, fuck you and on and on about why you’re the victim, well there are no victims in the asshole confessional! Do your dirt, do your time for it and don’t do it again stupid fucking learn. I don’t know what the fuck I want, but I know none of it that is in play right now is what I want, so why the fuck would I waste another second? I wouldn’t, I would get that move I been talking about ready tomorrow so I can finally make that move Monday, welcome to the world, time to do something about your situation asshole!


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