There Has To Be Consequences Or You’ll Get Walked All Over!

I have come to realize that in the beginning I am the shit and then when I can’t back up my shit, I get shit on. If there aren’t consequences people will keep walking all over you for the rest of your life. If you don’t take care of business now and come back succesful, you’re the same piece of shit that you have always been. No good to yourself and no good to anyone else. When you let them talk to you and treat you the way they do, when in the end they are no fucking better, how do you ever expect to get anywhere. You can only beat yourself and let people beat you down for so long before you have to beat back or you just fade away. Years of my life have faded away because I have chosen to get walked all over. People laugh, they know they can do it, they know I am a nice guy and they know in the end they can walk on me and ill still be there, until I wasnt. Until I got tired of accepting less, until I realized something. Some of us are too scared to give up friends that we know we should. We are more scared of losing people keeping us here than we are of it costing us our future and there will be consequences for that I can promise you. I may never be able to accept what I have done, life sucks and hurts sometimes, but I have suffered the consequences long enough, time to start living the right way and time to stop getting walked all over. The wheels are turning in my mind, time to plot and plan and put that one last move in play and see what happens, this getting walked all over shit is for the birds!


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