Third World Living, In A First World Country!

After reading about a thirteen year old boy dying from a cracked tooth and the infection went into his brain, I thought. I’ve had a cracked tooth for a while and I can’t seem to figure out where this pain in my mouth and head have come from for the last two weeks, hmm. Again the supplements the weed, with the collapsed lungs I had, my mind never shutting off and all the madness around me, who really knows what the fuck it is when you live in a first world country, but choose to live like your third world. No I am not talking about these fucking fools walking around walmart, do that shit sometime in your life, it is without a doubt a bucket list thing, what a fucking shit show. And right there, you will find all the reason in the world as to why it isn’t as bad for you as you think it is!  Awe did I hurt someones feelings? Get the fuck over it, nobody gives a fuck about your feelings and those bitches are going to get stomped on and walked all over from time to time, your job? To not be a fucking pussy like me and walk away from instead of holding on to the ones that are doing the stomping! Think you can handle it? Yeah I thought I could handle it to and sixteen fucking years later it would appear that it is handling me pretty fucking well right now. One move left to be made. How fucking scary is that? That is what I have let it come down to and that is coming soon!


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