After Further Reveiw!

After further review, things don’t always turn out to be as they appear. What you think sometimes is working against you, might just be working behind the scenes for you. What we convince ourselves in our mind is going on and what we let kill us, seem to turn out to be nothing at all more often than not. Mind games, and it might just be about time to start figuring out how to get out of my own mind. After further review, it isn’t the girl at all, like I thought it was. It is this shit hole existence I have created and made okay, if I had my shit together, I would probably laugh right now at the way I am acting about it. I did all of this and somehow I still wanted yesterday to act like a bitch about it and feel bad for myself, fuck me man thought I was passed all that. After further review I am a work in progress and I am still going to make mistakes, it is going to hurt sometimes still, I am going to fuck up bad, but from here on out I am going to go out and live it. Life is to short not to have fun and be fucking miserable all the time. Maybe I don’t have everything I want, maybe I will never get back what kills me tonight, but people have it a lot worse than I do, and they fucking arent bitching about it. Just remember it may suck right now, but you may just be dodging a bullet and what goes around comes around. There was a time I thought she was perfect, but she showed her ass, we all do and we all fuck up. You may end up thanking God that the person blew it, it may just be the best thing for you and what carries you to your future. Leave the people who shit on you behind and take care of business, because after further review, revenge, anger, bitterness, the best way to settle any score is take care of you and let them see that. Yeah not having to say a word, and they know and you know, doing it for all the wrong reasons like I have for so long has led me to this conclusion. After further review who doesn’t fuck up? Who hasn’t gotten shit on and shit on someone else? Who hast felt sorry for their self like I was over a girl who was horrible to me and then looked back on the situation shaking their head going really man! After further review life is to be lived and learned, this time I finally learned and after further review, the call on the field has stood for far to long, I am about to overturn this mother fucker and change shit!


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