We Must Give Up The Life We Planned!

“We must give up the life we had planned, in order to get the life that we are supposed to have.” It is from Spencer Reid on criminal minds, you gotta believe that it can happen in a second. That you can change this shit all in the drop of a dime.  That just because you have sat in and wallowed in the shit for so long, it can still happen for you. You have to believe that shit or you will lose your fucking mind man. I can’t have anymore Keith Urban somewhere in my car moments like I did tonight, I can avoid it. I can go the other way, I can do things that will keep me moving forward and in the right direction, I choose not to do them. This is it, forward from here on out, back is killing me and no matter how much I want it, I can’t have it and wasting your time on wanting what you can’t have, well come on folks figure that shit out quick. Sometimes it is what it is and it goes down the way it goes down and you deal with it. It can be a blessing it can be a curse, it can be whatever the fuck YOU let it be, know that shit. Yeah this post feels a little better, this post has some angry and pissed off in it. Nothing worse in the world than seeing what you had with something that you are better than, but you played games and fucked around and now what? It is time to give up what I planned and realized that moment has passed. Hope and pray there will be another moment soon that changes me and touches me like that moment did and move on . Never from this day on look back, no more somewhere in my car no more any of it. I will accept what I don’t want to, I will take all the good from it with me and take all the memories and leave all the bad here. It is called life for a reason, and that season has passed, I know it isn’t coming back, I know I can never get it back no matter how much I want it, it is what it is. I can’t let it go down this way again and fall the fuck apart, because I still got a lot of people waiting!


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