Damages Have To Be Paid For!

I can look at it as I got passed over because of a boat. Or I can be honest with myself and admit there wasnt a choice because I was the same piece of shit then, now and before. How sad of a fucking  statement is that to make? But in the end, damages have to be paid for. You had it all man, fuck everybody was looking at me going how the fuck did he pull this off? Guess that would be the worst part, look what I can pull of with the bullshit, just imagine if I got my shit together and took the bullshit out of the equation, what I could do. How many of you out there right now have a little bit too much bullshit in your equation? Shit you had a chance to deal with and chose not to deal with and now it is dealing with you. Hell worse, baby mamma drama, or ex drama, it is easy to let bullshit get inserted into the equation, but don’t bullshit for to long, damages have to be paid for. I lost my best friend, the man who meant the most to me because his wife got tired of my shit and my not growing up and she got tired of her son looking up to me and her husband getting hurt when I would just disappear after all they did for me, yeah damages believe that are being paid right now!  Time to start doing shit the right way, time to stop paying for  these damages. Forget the girl boo hoo, my best friend matters far more. Getting to say goodbye to my grandfather would have meant far more but he was a vegetable and I hid because I couldn’t pay back money. Yeah pretty proud of myself right now. Yeah the guy who was calling other people cowards and telling them how pathetic and disgusting they were, shit all I can do is laugh. Wow up until that shit I think I had done a pretty good job with the cussing! Fuck me, maybe I can do this shit:-). How many guy points do I lose for the smiley face? Fuck it, I really don’t care, someone has to pay for the damage, and other people have been paying for my damage  for far to long. Life gets easier when you quit worrying about and trying to hold other people accountable and start holding yourself accountable, how much longer do you want to be paying for these damages? Dont make it the rest of your life…. Good Monday morning, lets roll!


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