Jesus Loves You, (Seriously, There Is Even A Song To Prove It!.

A friend of mine is going through a hard time. I told them I will always be there, but life gets busy and they might need to reach out and let me know when I’m needed. Last night they reached out…they needed someone to listen and understand and love them. Today they brought me a bottle of pills to destroy…because they truly don’t want to kill themselves.
1. No matter how bad it seems, it can get better.
2. Reach out, people are just living life, not ignoring you…
3. You are only alone if you choose to be.
4. I love you.
5. Jesus loves you(seriously, there is even a song to prove it) .
6. Pie is always the better alternative to pills.
7. Cake and or ice cream are as equally sufficient as pie.
8. Smile and hug more than you feel comfortable with.
9. I recommend pumpkin pie.
10. I am truly grateful for the garbage I’ve trudged through…so I can say all of the above and not be a liar. I am also truly grateful for the people that held my hand when I needed them

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