There Wasn’t A Choice In The End! Happy Friggin B-Day Or D-Day?

I never gave them one and nobody wants to hold on to a sinking ship, in doing what I said I was going to do when I turned thirty-seven today, I am finding a lot of good in letting go. I am finding what happened was because I forced everyone’s hand and in the end they never had a choice in the matter, I never made myself and option! The option in college football if run right can be one of the deadliest offenses in the world. Sure did wonders for Tim Tebow, come to think of it, Russ in Seattle is doing all right with it too. When you make yourself and option, you don’t give them a choice, but when you chose to be nothing more than second best, well like I said we gave that up and moved on! I guess in the end you really find what you are made of when you give up and accept the past that you don’t want to. You have no more excuses, you have no more why nots or why I cants, you simply run out of reasons why you cant do it. So I guess when you hit that point, the only thing to do is start finding some reasons why you can. Why not?Depression sucks somebody told me today, they said  I had never been there before and I was for a little while, and that shit sucked man, I didn’t know what to do.  Try being depressed with yourself for fifteen years, try knowing you can do something about it and try watching your life fall apart while you don’t. My buddy Mike at the gym today called me out, he said quit looking at the ground when you see me. He said you helped me plenty giving me shoes for kids who didn’t have anything for basketball. He said the other thing you were going to do, I know you wanted to and you just couldn’t,  so look me in the eyes from now on. And starting now from your thirty seventh birthday, it isn’t about where ya been or what ya been, it is about what kind of man are you going to be from here on out!


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