Suitcase Of Memories

I think it then says something like of all we left behind. Well here is my chance to do it, I woke up  ready to do it and now the only thing left to do it attack life. Move forward and as I said at thirty-six just before midnight last night except what I don’t want to, happy fucking birthday to me. It was a lot better, whoops, nope you almost got me, that would be looking back and I am not supposed to do that! Boy man, in giving it up I realized this suitcase of memories I will take with me, more over I realized I never really trusted myself. How could I? I was the one who sabotaged quite a few good things, but this time I have to trust in giving it up that I will become what I am supposed to be and this time I will do the things not to fuck it up instead of the ones that fuck it up. I know the fucking difference, always have always will and so do you. You know what the right and wrong decision is before you make it, but then you make it and have to live with it and that is the accepting what you don’t want to part. I don’t like the way it all went down, but I have to take the high road now, I have to let it go and finally move on or it will cost me ten more months. I realized Saturday night in a drunken moment of anger just how not over it I was. Surrounded by friends, having fun, with what everybody said was a cute and fun  chick and where was my mind, oh yeah Sam Smith, this aint love it is clear to see, but it still was staying with me. You can’t live your life that way, that is how cowards live there life, no I gave that shit up 47 minutes ago, its time to bring life to life. It is time to take a few swings, take my shot, it is time to fight for the right fucking reasons and quit worrying about the shit that doesn’t matter, The shit that gave up on you that you finally decided to give up on and the ones still standing by you that you owe more. Yeah I may be taking a suitcase of memories into thirty-seven, but I am about to make a whole bunch more memories and I am about to make shit happen like nobody has ever seen before, believe that. Moves are yet to be made, but by then end of this week they wont be talked about, they will be made, all that was holding me back I gave up, now lets see if I can trust myself enough to believe it!


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